When Choosing Wooden Garden Furniture

When choosing your garden furniture, should you choose to opt for wooden garden furniture, you will want to decide on the look you wish your garden furniture to have before the purchase is made. Do you want a painted finish, or do you prefer a stained or natural finish? There are many different types of wood used in the making of wooden garden furniture such as Brazilian cherry, cedar, mahogany, teak, eucalyptus, alder, cypress, pine and shoes. There are other tropical woods used in the making of wooden garden furniture. Most of the woods used are a hardwood with the exception of pine. Pine is one of the softer woods available and can be used to make wooden garden furniture when pressure treated. You may want to ask your garden furniture retailer about the best type of wood for your particular use.

Woods such as Brazilian Cherry, Cedar, Mahogany and Teak just to name a few are attractive with their natural finish. Alder is good-looking with its natural finish but also takes paint and stain flawlessly. Cypress has excellent paint retention. If you like colors a good paint job can give you, you will want to consider wooden garden furniture made from this type of wood. Pine even though a softer wood will readily take a stain of any color. Some woods take on a rustic look from being seasoned with thyme and weather. If you do not prefer this look for your lawn or … Read more